--Corporate Profile--

Established on September 1, 1990, OMEXEY Enterprise is one of the leading OEM/ODM manufacturers for home furnishing goods.

--Merge Business Scope Section--

With 20 years of extraordinary dedication to designing and producing furniture, OMEXEY has grown into a multi-national enterprise with more than 4000 employees and modern manufacturing centers located in Taiwan, China, and Vietnam. We provide state-of-the-art OEM and ODM service to satisfy our clients’ requirements and to exceed their expectation. Our expertise and experience cover various categories including wooden furniture, metal furniture, home accessories and fitness equipments. We distribute our products all over the world. No matter where you are, OMEXEY serves like the in-house factory of your own.

--Products & Services--

Professional OEM and ODM service for Wooden Furniture, Metal Furniture, Upholstery Furniture, Fitness Equipment, Clock and Lighting, Molded Pulp. We also leverage our great local familiarity and international connection to provide new product sourcing service. You bring us an idea; we deliver the product!


1990 Omexey Enterprise Co., Ltd. Establishment (Taiwan)
1991 Omexey Clock factory establishment (ChangHua,Taiwan)
1995 Omexey Clock factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
1996 Omexey Steel Furniture factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
1996 Trading Department establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
1999 Powerite Wooden Furniture factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2001 Hung Yung Steel Furniture factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2001 Hong Shen Wooden Furniture factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2003 Hong Shen Sofas Furniture factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2004 Omexey Wooden Furniture factory establishment (Binh Duong Province,Vietnam)
2004 Trading Department establishment (Binh Duong Province,Vietnam)
2005 Omexey Fitness factory establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2007 Domestic Trading Departments (Top-Peak) establishment (Dongguan,Guangdong,China)
2008 Omexey Clock factory establishment (Zhangzhou,Fujian,China)
2010 Set up Retail Store (Wuhan,Hubei,China)
2011 Omexey construction company establishment (Taiwan)
2012 Hung Yung molded pulp factory establishment(Dongguan,Guangdong,China)