-- Large Scale Manufacturing Capabilities--

Our 100% owned factories in Taiwan, China and Vietnam occupy a land area of 378,000 square meters, equal to the size of 65 American football fields. We also partner with hundreds of suppliers to satisfy our customers with a great variety of material and design. Our proven record of delivering large scale orders to the retail giant, Wal-Mart, showcases our capability of agile production management.

--In-house Research & Development Team--

We always provide fast time to market service through seamless collaboration between OMEXEY and our customers. Our R&D team specializes in not only production engineering but also diverse material characters. The synergy created by R&D, customer service, and marketing team allows OMEXEY to bring even more value to our customers.

--Your wish is our command!--

OMEXEY strives to provide the most reliable service and products to our customers. We have strictly enforced the ISO rules since we earned the certification in 2000. We can easily trace the status of your products; in other words, OMEXEY works just like your own factory in backyard.